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Oringinally known as DDR Systems. After one year of business, Plainfield PC was formed in 2006 moving from the 2nd floor of 201 West Main Street, to 116 West Main Street with Mission Control Lan Gaming Center. This decision was made after realizing the bad location being on the second floor, and being presented with the opportunity to join forces with Mission Control. Since then, Plainfield PC has increased traffic and been easier for customers to bring computers into the new facility.

Although Plainfield PC continues to assist with residential clients, the decision to go commercial was made to provide IT services for businesses. Because most of the residential clients are working during business hours through the week, we have been providing our residential clients with services after hours when they get home from work, and providing our business clients with our services throughout the day. This has been a great decision as it pleases our clients in both commercial and residential areas.

Plainfield PC has formed into an on-site, on-call solution for both residential and commercial clients, and is expanding as much as possible throughout central indiana. We also have joined forces with Christopher Lien Designs expanding into providing web design, and other media solutions for our customers. This will help provide our clients with a one-stop shop to all their IT and web design needs.

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